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Why I Choose BuildXact?

As a multi faceted entrepreneur I needed a software that allowed me the freedom to work on any scale project from anywhere and at any time.

Which is why we enter stage left, Build Xact.

With it’s built in scaling function and specification writing capabilities that means whatever I take off I can easily specify. Helping to alleviate the crux points of documenting complex custom build estimates and in turn costings for my clients. 

Build Xact has loads of other great features as well!

– Cloud based software which means you are completely run online. No more printer troubles or highlight burn out!

– Fast and accurate job costings

– Personalised quote presentation. 

– Seamless cost tracking and purchase orders

– Easy to manage Variations

Connects to Xero, MYOB & Quickbooks. Makings invoice time just a little less annoying. 

In a nut shell BuildXact is simple to use and even simpler to manage. So don’t waste your time getting lost in the paper- make the switch today and let numbers work for you.

PS Build Xact have given us a cheeky 5% discount code for subscriptions

For more information see the YouTube vide below and leave us a message from the Get In Touch section for us to facilitate your discount. 

See how BuildXact can work for you!

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